Sublimated Leggings

We are a Sublimated sports uniforms manufacturer; we make dye sublimated jerseys for Sublimated Leggings Turnaround time: We do all Sublimated orders; we take around 27 to 35 working days for an order of up to 226. Minimum order quantity: Since we do all Sublimated uniforms manufacturing, we usually make 12 pieces, but we can make less than that, like two or seven Sublimated Leggings for you. Our prices: We are a locally registered LLC with an overseas manufacturing facility; so, we offer the lowest priced Sublimated Leggings in the market. The price varies from product to product; it starts from 100.01 (for 500 pcs) to 125.01 (12 pcs). Imprinting / decoration options: We are primarily a dye sublimation printing company; we specialize in sublimation printing. We also make Sublimated Leggings with embroidery, screen printing, and tackle twill. Shipping time / method: Our factory is located in Karachi, Pakistan. We use DHL to ship our Sublimated Leggings to the US. We offer free shipping when the order is *$376.25

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