Why can’t jeans be washed frequently?

Wearing the right pair of jeans is the best way to highlight your personality. Genes also need to be taken care of. Otherwise, they will go bad. Let’s take a look at why jeans can’t be washed.

Why can’t jeans be washed:

Jeans can be washed, but the washing frequency should not be so high. Water will do some damage to the genes. Washing a good pair of jeans will affect its color and shape, so many people say that jeans should not be washed normally. . This is not good if you do not wash your genes for a long time, as it contains a lot of bacteria.

Generally, a good pair of jeans is washed once after purchase, and once after 6 months of wearing. Jeans are not like underwear. They are attached to human skin. It doesn’t matter if you wear them for a long time.

If you always feel that jeans are weird if you don’t wash them, try the following methods:

Light-colored jeans can be washed directly with water and a small amount of soap can be added. If the jeans are black, they can be washed by soaking them in salt water.

If part of the jeans is dirty, you can spray clean water on the dirty part, clean the dirty things on it and then hang it in the gout area to dry.

The method of fixing black jeans is as follows:

1, salt water immersion

Mix salt and water in a certain proportion and then soak the genes in water for half an hour. After soaking, wash them with laundry detergent, which can reduce the color of black pants. It can only be called a shortcoming and cannot be completely avoided. Black jeans are bound to fade.

2, white vinegar soaking

The method of soaking jeans in white vinegar is the same as the method of soaking in salt water. Pay attention to the amount of white vinegar used. If you use too much, it will taste.

There is also an easier way to fix the color of black jeans. Turn the jeans over and wash them with warm water.

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